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Gary Graves • Love is a Dangerous Thing
"What changes everything doesn't come down the barrel of a gun, or in the throws of ecstasy. It is in the circle of our two beating hearts; its voice, the universal lover, the ultimate revolutionary, the web of life, deep within."
- Gary Graves
(from the title track Love is a Dangerous Thing)

Gary Graves was born and raised in the Southern city of Houston, Texas for more than two and a half decades. His upbringing in Houston was characterized by virulent racism and violence, which was always seething beneath the surface of every situation. These life experiences left Graves with a single burning question in his mind, "why do people hate each other? Is it some tragic, hereditary human flaw, passed on from one generation to the next?" On his new album  Love is a Dangerous Thing, Graves addresses these questions and speaks also to an optimistic vision of the potential of love. His reedy tenor and intense guitar work combine to create a strange mix of beauty and brutal truth.  The album's sparse arrangements allow Graves' words to reach the listener without distraction.

TRACKS: Light A Candle (Intro) • FK Disappears • Hell'n'Heaven 24-7 • Liliana's Song • Led Astray • The Lost Lay • Liberal Dinner Party • Cyclone • The Fog • Super Ego Maniac • Lookin' like the Nigger • Love is a Dangerous Thing

Kevin McKinney • Talking to Plants
The genius of four track rock unfolds yet another!

Review pending Patriot Act clearance.... But it's on sale anyway!

TRACKS: Laugh • CreditCard Hangover • Talking to Plants • Funnybone • Gun • Hipcheck • Sober Conclusions • Try • Sideways Haircut • The Seventh Planet

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Day Tripper • English Garden
Take a stroll in the ROCK garden with the Beatles, Stones, Chuck Berry & more magic than you'd expect in this new millenium!
  • I Am the Walrus
  • Please Please Me
  • I Saw Her Standing There
  • I Feel Fine
  • Day Tripper
  • Jumpin Jack Flash
  • The Last Time
  • Honky Tonk Women
  • Mercy Mercy
  • It's All Over Now
  • Nadine
  • Because
  • Moonglow
  • They Can't Take That Away from Me
  • These Foolish Things
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    Day Tripper • I'll Be Back
    Reincarnation is more than a concept - when you hear this CD you'll know! The spirit of the Beatles has returned in these classic tunes played in a magical mirror of the reality that first formed when they were originally released. Day Tripper titled this CD "I'll Be Back" and they really are!
    TRACKS: • All My Loving • Good Day Sunshine • I'll Be Back • Lady Madonna • Penny Lane • Michelle • Till There Was You • Thank You Girl • When I'm Sixty-Four • Here Comes The Sun
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    Orange Mothers • Traditional Love
    The Orange Mothers are a pleasant breeze on a steamy day. Through witty lyrisism and clever melodies Traditional Love delivers the cooling feelings music should give you when you need a break from the heat of life's woes. This Unique group is a must for anyone in love with pop music with a twist...
    TRACKS: • Traditional Love • Radio • Promised Land • Lullaby • Aliens II • Angels • Heartache • Rollercoaster Girl • Swingin' On the Gate • Rock Show • Secret Hidden Track • Return to the Promised Land
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    Paul Klemperer / PKSax • Texas Tenure
    Paul Klemperer's "Texas Tenure" blends his experiences with Texas blues (he was pianist Marcia Ball's sax player for 7 years) and Texas jazz (he's been a figure in the Austin jazz scene since 1982). Ten original compositions explore blues, funk, Latin, and straight ahead jazz in a musical retrospective of Paul's experiences in Texas. Joining him on the CD are more than 20 guest artists, representing some of the best jazz musicians in Austin, including A.D. Mannion, Brad Evilsizer, Clay Moore, Glenn Rexach, Marty Allen, and Russell Scanlon. This is music that grooves and soothes the soul.
    TRACKS: • Texas Tenure • Real Time • Into the Next DayLittle Secrets • Texas Cafe • Her Song • And Now It's Real • Subtle Charms • The Goddess Turns In Passing • Remembrance
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    Teye • El Gitano Punky (limeted edition)
    El Gitano Punky will move it's way through your heart like a dancer romancing your life. If you love the passion of Flamenco you must experience the fresh power of this recording.

    CD Includes a video of Dos Amigos Starring Joe Ely & Jessie Taylor!
    TRACKS: La Vera Oscuridad • Si Fuera Gitano Yo • El Capitán Sin Barco • Cadenas Doradas • Andulacía: Fuente y Río • Voy Solito con mi Guitarra • El Cafe De Alfonso • Dos Amigos
    more on this artists:

    Teye • Viva El Flamenco
    This U.S. Debut CD from Teye sold thousands across the globe. Let your heart move to the music of Teye's gentle and energetic guitar playing as he takes you from song to song, emotion to emotion, tango to rumba to bulería, all in the true spirit of Flamenco.
    TRACKS: Dos Amigos (rumba) • Bulerías del Pirata (bulería) • Mi Patio (tangos) • De Sueños (alegrías) • San Valentín (rumba) • El Camino (sevillanas) • El Río y la Mora (taranta por bulería) • Un Secreto muy Secreto (rondeña por bulería)
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    Andrea Perry • Two
    OK, John Lennon and George Harrison had a time machine. They went to the future and nabbed a DNA sample from Andrea Perry. Then they took their parents further into the future and had that DNA implanted into their DNA so that when they returned everything back to its place and they were born, they would have some of what Andrea's got, Pure Musical Genius.

    Andrea Perry continues to deliver brilliant songwriting and sweet sentiments in witty and smooth music. "Two" explores a deeper look into the mind of an emotional savant who seems to be able to catalog every thought and feeling ever experienced by humans, at least in the way she sees it all!

    Another sweet turn on the road of a brilliant path!
    TRACKS: Bursting Through the Clouds • Oh No! The Day is Dawning • Time to Say Hello • I think of Nothing •Make the World Go Round • You Broke the Spell • Bye Bye • Light Up the Underworld • All AloneHigher • Gettin' to Know You • Across the Water

    Andrea Perry • Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe
    Wow! Austin unearths another gem. If Peter Gabriel and George Harrison were to have a love child with Chrissie Hynde's egg and it were delivered by Suzan Vega, that child would be the reincarnation of Mozart on a quality chocolate high and named Andrea Perry. This amazing body of work will brighten up any music collection and be constantly found hovering in the top of any size stack of CDs. Respect of the art of song making governs Andrea's style and honesty to vision writes her lyrics. "Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe" is your new favorite discovery, any day of the week!
    TRACKS: • SimpleMaking Her Up • When I'm With You • To Have A HeartWildernessI Don't Need This • Slide Out • Saturn Lights My Way • The Last Laugh • If I Lose You • Feed MeI Rued The Day

    Grupo Fantasma • Grupo Fantasma
    Grupo Fantasma's style of cumbia is like a good knife: sharp and dirty. Hailing from places as far-flung as New York City and Laredo, Texas, these nine drunkards, geniuses and freaks are transforming the traditional Colombian style of music with their skillful songwriting, inventive arrangements and exuberant live shows. Incorporating funk, mambo, merengue, dancehall, dub and other elements into their mesmerizing performances, Grupo routinely plays to houses packed with people shaking ass.

    A nine piece ensemble consisting of a double rhythm section and a three piece horn section, Grupo Fantasma has a cast of extremely versatile and talented musicians. Members of Grupo have performed with The Blimp, Correo Aereo, Blue Noise Band, Applied Culture, Hip Hop Humpday, Golden Arm Trio, Chris Black and the Holy Ghost, Govinda, Sun Vocina, the Sky High Sessions and many more.

    During their first year, the band has already shared the stage with such diverse acts as Flaco Jimenez, KRS One and Los Lobos. Grupo Fantasma also recently headlined the pilot taping of the Austin Latino Music Association1s new "Sonidos del Barrio" series.

    "Grupo Fantasma is a relative newcomer to the Latin music scene, playing their version of ... cumbia to packed crowds at the Empanada Parlour every other Friday night for the past year...You may begin to realize that something a little larger is brewing. Something in the form of true musical genius."

    "These guys put on a show you want to catch. I was floored by the show. These guys owned the crowd."
    --Austin Daze

    "The Fantasma impressive salsa loco hour [with] Grupo Fantasma's percussion and horn-driven sound..."
    --Austin American-Statesman
    TRACKS: • Laredo • Ritmo Del Tambo • Theme • Fresitas • Los De Grupo • Caña Brava • Cumbia del Coyote • Playing the Tuba • Tejanita • Chicken Little • Lupita • La Boa • Borracho • A Precious Moment • Caramelo • We Just Dont Want You • Nuevo Laredo (feat. DJ Baby G)

    more grupo fantasma sound samples : Nuevo Laredo (feat. DJ Baby G)Noche de Estrellas (Live) • Caña Brava (Live) • Lupita (Live) • La Boa (Live)

    Clean Water Action • Ripple Effect (Compilation Benefit CD)
    This benefit CD has some of Austin's finest musicians offering up their voice to the cause of protecting the environment.

    Clean Water Action is a national citizens' organization working for clean, safe and affordable water, prevention of health-threatening pollution, creation of environmentally-safe jobs and businesses, and empowerment of people to make democracy work.

    Clean Water Action organizes strong grassroots groups, coalitions and campaigns to protect our environment, health, economic well-being and community quality of life.

    "CWA's mission for 29 years, 14 in Austin, is to give environmentalists a voice in their local, state, and national government. Before the clean water act of 1972, 40% of our nation's lakes and rivers had become unswimmable and unfishable due to pollution. Americans were outraged to find resistance in the government to cleaning up the water. The industrial polluters had the ears of too many politicians. CWA saw that the people could never match the money these polluters donate to our representatives, but we could outnumber them. CWA's strategy became strength in numbers. CWA began a grassroots program to canvass as many citizens who care about the environment as possible, giving you a chance to stand up and be counted. Since then, CWA has been able to influence policy around the nation to protect our lakes, rivers, and drinking water. Thanks to citizens who have joined CWA's cause. Proceeds from this cd benefit CWA." - CWA Staff

    TRACKS: Patrice Pike & the Black Box Rebellion "The Wreckage" • Overlord "Always" • Schrodinger's Cat "One Thing" • Scrappy Hamilton "Papa Roux" • Trevor Reichman "Grand Central Station" • EliZA WREN "Telephone Booth" • Josh Walker "Mr. Bubbles" • Panic Choir "Ladybug" • Roger Williams "Ra Dawn" • Gnappy "Black Cabbage" • Joel Garies "Untitled" • Alyson Evans "Found My Love" • Julie Nolen "Begin Again" • Sharee Allison "In Your Mind" • Heather Bishop "Ocean" • Sarah Sires "Dirty Water"

    Orley Allen • Orley Allen
    Orley's self-titled debut project is packed with barrier-shattering artistry, bringing fresh air and new life to the traditional, acoustic blues genre.

    "This CD represents art in pure form, a must for any blues enthusiast!"
    -rcs music critic
    TRACKS: Traveling Riverside Blues • You've got to Move • I'm So Glad • Crossroads • Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning • Nobodies Fault But Mine • Poor Boy • Jesus Is Just Allright • Panama Limited • I Asked For Water • Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground • Ain't It So

    Brown Whörnet • Radio Ablum
    The Austin Music Mafia has done it again, this is a work of complete genious! Carefully crafted stylings take you through a musical journey only the musically brave could go! This CD will replace your radio, for good.

    TRACKS: 70 minutes of continuous Brown Whörnet genious! (Listen to track 1)

    Brown Whörnet • Brown Whörnet
    Take a bite out of this morsel of genius from Austin's cutting edge. Brown Whörnet is exactly the reason there is the cliché, "Defies Definition" For this reason the Zen approach to knowing by experience is the best chance to enlighten oneself to the power of Brown Whörnet.

    Make sure you know the Heimlich maneuver just in case you try to swallow this CD all at once... It's a meal to savor!

    TRACKS: Working Song • Teasing Up to the Next Hot Lic • Arsenio's Fat Black Ass '98 spring Break Fellin' Great • The Man With Five Asses • Variations On the Pope • Danse RajaThe Festival of our Mind • Ice Knife • (symbols for the hearing impared) • Cutting Myself in the Mirror • Tricky Lipp • Matrix-011 • Puffy Upper • Two Bald Men Slepping in a Hammock • Pash the Gaseous Pecan • Beer Mouth • Night Crisis • Scumbag

    the Honky Donkey • The Honky Donkey e.p.
    He's got sex, he's got style
    all the women who've know him, follow him around
    He moves, he grooves, he shakes his hooves
    He is the Honky Donkey!

    actual quotes:
    "too sexy" • "he made the whole room moisst" • "Oh my God!"

    -tune in and turn on your love machine.
    TRACKS: The Honky DonkeyRollI Like ChineseHonk if You Like DonkeyPeaches • The Honky Donkey (reprise)

    Weeden • Orange Whip?
    The joy in rock-n-roll is back. The darkness of the 80's and the sterility of the 90's is washed away in the brilliant song writing and joyful views of life and love in this wonderful debut CD from Weeden. Melodies with the full heart of 60's and 70's landmark bands such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Neil Young and even Donovan are in good company with these fresh expressions from this secret gem of Austin. The vocal and guitar textures step forward to match the fullness of the song writing as well. This record is a joy for anyone to own and play over and over... and over....
    TRACKS: Jeanie • I'm Feeling Fine • On Your Own • Cloud 9 • Billy's wedding • It's Alright • This Time • Sally Watkins • Golden Coin • Antonyms

    Stinky Del Negro • The Soft Favorites
    STINKY DEL NEGRO. Totally gay and retarded. Your German dancing "partner", Stinky del Negro is one of the songwriters, and guitarists from SOLID GOLD 40. Joined by a cellist, bassist, drummer on a synthetic kit, and a keyboardist, Stinky is well prepared to warp his music into your brain; touching you in a place such that you'll need a puppet to show your mommy where. Austin's other bands are saying, "What's HER problem" like so many hair dressers. With such songs as The Ointment, Death to the French, Tuckin’ It Between My Legs, The Soft Opening, Happy Kwanzaa, Penises & Vaginas, The Fattest Kid, Ich Bin Schwul, et al, you are sure to feel the love of the quadriplegic spirit. Dwarfing a musical sound like Zelig performing songs written by the cast of Blazing Saddles about R. Crumb comics, Stinky del Negro will shame you into laughing your little ass off and into loving this album.
    TRACKS: The Ointment • Death to the French • La Turista • Parental Advisory • Tuckin’ It Between My Legs • Cassolette • The Soft Opening • Happy Kwanzaa • It’s Never Over • There Come’s A Time • Penises & Vaginas • The Fattest Kid • Life Is Pain • I Don’t Mind • Mongloid • Capture the Spider • Ich Bin Schwul • Voyeuristic Tendencies • Will You Wear The Ring? • Down Tonight • She’s Got an Ass • Apart of You • Christy & Me • Bone Sweet Bone • Tuna Song • When the Saints • I’m Alright, Okay?! • Thanks For Being My Mom • You Thought You Were Alone
    Lyric sheetWanna' hear some stinky music?

    Solid Gold 40 • Rock Show
    Silly, smutty, sincere, solid. This raunchy Austin rock band of yore. Mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the best bands to see in Austin. "Good songwriting" Brian Long, MCA Records. "Irrepressible soft porno-rock" Ian Tennant, XLent. "Distinguished by tight-fisted musisianship" Greg Beets, Pop Culture Press. "They bring you a live albun nothing short of a good time" Leigh, Ride BMX Magazine. "ROCK SHOW only hints at the onstage explosion these cats are capable of" Recommended, Austin chronicle. "Now this is a LIVE record!" Brian, salt for Slugs Magazine. "Solid Gold 40 is Austin's Naughtiest rock group with a can-do attitude"
    TRACKS: I left Her Runnin • Lady Killer • Cry3 • Shit Le Rock • SHN • Cold Flame • It's Holloween! • Outrageous • (Rockin' the Desert Sands) • Insect Queen • Feelin' Easy • Pie Man • Wake You With My Love • Sweet Caroline • ?

    Solid Gold 40 • Antartica
    "In the summer of 1999, weary from the local music scene and all of it's pitfalls, Solid Gold 40 made the nearly unanimous decision to pack up their equipment and travel by boat to Antarctica to record their next record. Joined by engineer/ navigator Chris Langer, 1st mate Russ Smith, and a St. Bernard, the five band members said goodbye to the creature comforts and pushed off from the Gulf of Mexico in late June... nearly a year later, explorer Bryan Nelson discovered the tapes and brought them home. Along with the restored tracks, the following diary pages, notes, and snapshots were included:"
    TRACKS: Sometimes • Nocturna

    Tawnya Lorae • Tornadohead/Darkness & Stars
    LoRae's gift for a voice is the center of attraction on Tornadohead/Darkness & Stars. 13 Original songs that carry on in the folk spirit with the added depth of a string section which nicely frames the dark tone of her voice and seriousness of her lyrics. Compelling stories and stand out cuts like "Help Me Charlie" show Lorae's versatility as a songwriter and performer.
    TRACKS: [Tornadohead] • Stella • Tornado • Bad Timing Boy • I Do • You Don't Have To Be Lonely • My Horse Is Your Horse • Help Me Charlie [Darkness & Stars] • Sleepy Slow Drive • Bye Bye • There Is Amsterdam • Darkness & Stars • Patience & Pianos • One Tear

    Fires Were Shot • form the hearth
    "Deep and inspiring, the first musical breath to be taken."
    - R. Smith, Music Mogel

    Inspired by the desert foothills of Big Bend and a simple philosophy of "the first take is the last take," FiRES WERE SHOT set forth to pioneer the abyssal environment that pervades the 1998 CD, Form the Hearth. Weaving acoustic guitar with a wide range of experimental effects, the album captures vivid soundscapes that evoke images of gentle desolation.

    Not to be listened to passively, Form the Hearth compels a complete submersion into its creative spontaneity and harmonious overtones, challenging one to sink into the mire of human experience, where inherent sadness and joy collide within a realm that is at once serene and playful. Based in Austin, FiRES WERE SHOT continues to produce their indefinable music.

    TRACKS: Hover • Distan Shore • Form The Hearth • JD • Big Bend • Helplessness • Shortstäck • Bad Bird, Winter's on Its Way • Arrows Through • Sunflower II
    more info & sound clips coming soon...

    The Golden Arm Trio • The Golden Arm Trio
    The Golden Arm Trio's debut release features everything from composer/leader Graham Reynolds on prepared piano to a full live band. Perhaps because of this album's focus on Grahams work with saxophones, it is often categorized as some breed of jazz. But this eclectic creative epiphany ventures into a new musical frontier that at once demands the ears of both the classical and jazz worlds. A must have for anyone interested in the underground classical movement sweeping the country!

    "Denotes the difference between reviving jazz for a new market and reinventing it for a new experience." --Dirk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian Tracks:
    TRACKS: The Doomsday Clock • Bigwig • Three Inch Golden Lilies • ///// • Silverware • Rorschach • The Rack • Vision Fugitive #10 (Prokofiev) • Rat's Dream • The Albatross • Nacogdoches • Prelude #2 (Chopin) • Leonard • Robot • Rhode Island Red • Bigwig Jr. • Moses Supposes • Pearls • More Sad People • War Tales • Eldonukia • Fort Phantom Hill • Slide • The General • Down the Pit • Little Bigwig

    The Golden Arm Trio • Why the Sea is Salt
    "Classically neo jazzetic carnival music, this newest release from Graham Reynolds, featuring ToSCA String Quartet, is an excellent specimen of contemporary progressive scoremanship. With an entire ship load of musicians, packing everything from vibraphones to tubas, and all the strings in between, creating a 19 song compilation of intriguing compositions, sometimes beautifully serene, other times darkly morose..." --Grady Roper, Proper Gander

    What more can we say?!
    TRACKS: The Ship • Finster Crumley • Poor Brother Percival • The Whispering Campaign • Swift Ship Sailing • Deadman's Hall • The Old Woodcutter • Treasure Hunt • Handmill Turning • Friends and Neighbors • My Halo Hands, My Halo Labors • Handmill's Fortune • I Can Do Whatever I Want • Late Ship Wandering • The Handmill • Golden Empire • Captain Goodnight • Deadman's Salt • The Ship at the Bottom of the Sea

    Robinson Ear's • Little Whirled of Sound
    Rob Halverson recorded, produced and arranged this CD in his "green room" studio at the Pharm in Austin, TX. The eclectic song list ranges from slide guitar to an orchestrated string section, with lots of girly singers and the whole gamut of instrumentation. Rob has been called a "roots-musician Merlin" and a "musical mad-scientist". This CD has brought comparisons to the likes of Tom Waits, the later Beatles, Daniel Lanois, Beck, Captain Beefheart and Pink Floyd. And here's one of the best descriptions out there:

    "A swirling, writhing progression of powerful teeth-gritting blues with the voluptuous depth of rock & roll and the heart and voice of a gospel choir, this is music you feel." -- Christopher Hess, Austin Chronicle, Jan 2000
    TRACKS: ain't nobody's burden • she cares • queen marlene • kewaunee • don't say when • post depression rag • i love the opera • light on you • sailing on • can you see that angel • mastheads • ride the moon • wordy blues • elephant butt • i'm coming home • nacoma • water

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    Chocolate Records is proud of it's role in getting diverse rich music out in the world. Here is our "" logo and "austin, texas" on a comfortable t-shirt that symbolizes the quest for spreading and sharing the chocolate throughout the world! Feel free to stain it with chocolate smears or what ever you are enjoying! (It will wash clean!)

    These 100% cotton t-shirts come in Small, Medium, Large and X-tra Large sizes. Wear this beutiful T-shirt to show your support of the richness and diversity of music in the world.