World Spectrum Series
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Jamie Lawrence • There Is Love
Only a few times in life will you ever experience the magic of seeing into your own soul through another's voice. Jamie Lawrence is capable of taking you there. His voice and choice of romantic songs are backed by world class musicianship and feeling.

Born in Hawaii, Jamie Lawrence also shines a few stars in your sky that you might not have ever seen before by delivering Hawaiian folk magic in musical form. ( Maunaleo & Ka Wai Lehua 'A'ala Ka Honua ) This CD is simply excellent to listen to, to feel, to have, to share...

TRACKS: I Will Be Here • I Will • Maunaleo • The Wedding Song (There Is Love) • The Water Is Wide • You've Got A Friend • Fallen • Wandering • The Rest Of Your Life • When You Say Nothing At All • You Can Choose Your Eyes • Goodbye My FriendKa Wai Lehua 'A'ala Ka Honua


Tasa • Soma
Tasa's second CD continues the journey in stretching limits and definitions at the same time as bringing closer different worlds. 'Soma' is a great step forward into the musical realm of classical indian music's power to speak jazz's freedom in a fresh way. From mystical vocalizations to powerful violin to sultry flute with melodies and rhythms that bring us to new places, this Toronto based group has done it again!

TRACKS: amaravati • megh • udav • soma • shyamanand • rahu • tara's lullaby • rudra (Canada / India)


Tasa • Bhakti
Toronto-based world music ensemble Tasa celebrate the release of their debut CD entitled Bhakti. The title Bhakti means Devotion and that is precisely what the musicians of Tasa give in their performances on this amazing work that merges music, mind, and spirit of east and west together in a fresh and understanding way.

The nine tracks of original instrumental music featured on Bhakti ranges from the upbeat and funky to the sublime. Tasa's music is based on the ancient Raga and Tala system from India and diverges into several other genres of world music including Brazilian, Arabic, and Jazz. The CD is filled with intricate rhythms and beautiful Indian melodies. Each composition provides a distinctive environment for extended improvisation. The album moves from groove-oriented pieces such as Akbar's Jewel to etheric ballads such as Anamayakosha.

Tasa is led by tabla player/composer Ravi Naimpally, and features inventive guitarist John Gzowski, soulful bansuri and saxophone player Ernie Tollar, the eclectic drumming of Alan Hetherington, and funky former Look People bassist Chris Gartner. Together they represent some of the best players of world music in Canada today.
TRACKS: akbar's jewel anamayakosha • twilight • marie • bhakti • matunga • durgamoksha • karuna


Breath Of Spirit • Everlasting Stream
"Allow your body to bathe in the stream of pure, positive energy that connects us all together... washing the body/mind clean... purifyng the body, mind, and spirit... becoming one with the stream of well being..."

Using Native American flute, fretless bass, keyboorads and computers B
reath Of Spirit brings just the right energy into this CD to create the environment of Everlasting Stream. This music was created to help move the flow of your Yoga practice and to deepen the experience.

TRACKS: Life for Synergy (30:07) • the Everlasting Stream (30:02)
Sample these tracks: Life for Synergy or the Everlasting Stream (North America)


Kevin McCormick • Squall
Squall forges musically and lyrically into the storm and emerges with wings stronger for the journey. Described as "the shattering of the cocoon so that inner beauty may be revealed," Squall glides through the eerie calm of "gathering clouds" to the near silence of "arroyo" stepping into the explosive title track and concludes with the soaring brilliance of "Heritage." McCormick blends classical guitar with traditional Japanese folk music into an avant-garde rock body, consisting of oboes, horns, strings, shakuhachi and piano along with the core rock unit. The amazing shakuhachi work of Shiku Yano is featured on the title cut. This is not a collection of singles; Squall is a work in whole. As haunting as it is comforting, as riveting as it is inspiring.

"McCormick uses a combination of acoustic and electric instruments. . .to create a very subtle shadowing of moods and colors, shifting slowly from one contemplative moment to the next. Music worth listening to." - Avenues Magazine
TRACKS: gathering cloudsterra firmalo & beholdthe swellarroyostorm frontsquallterrifiedheritage (U.S.)
see concert poster

Kevin McCormick • With the Coming of Evening
Kevin McCormick's full-length debut, With the Coming of Evening, is a step into a new soundscape. Combining classical guitar with a core rock ensemble, the album carries the listener through dark passages and on to new horizons. McCormick contrasts straight-ahead songwriting with unusual song structures pulling the listener into his unique sound world. A wide scope of styles is utilized including classical, jazz, rock, and even blues. Hints of Japanese and East Asian musical influence are scattered throughout, most notably in the beautiful sound of Shiku Yano's shakuhachi. It is a complete album in the fullest sense and well worth the journey.
TRACKS: Uncovered Annual RingSummonedSho SongRansomedRokudan Without BreathingUnder the Meniscus Looks Like Rain Glimpses The Setting Sun Elegy for the Empty Orchestra

Kamran Hooshmand & 1001 Nights • Salaam
Kamran Hooshmand & 1001 Nights take you through a persian journey of musical delight. Kamran's warm and inviting vocals captures the richness of persian music heritage in these acoustic traditionals.

Not everyone who values traveling has the time and/or lucre to do so. Thankfully, artists like Kamran Hooshmand & 1001 Nights give us glimpses into other places and realities; in the case of Salaam, the journey is taken via Iberian, Greek, Persian, and Armenian music. "Shirin Jun (Dear Shirin)," starts with percussionist Erin Foster beating out the ghost-like gait rhythm on the darabukkah frame drum accompanied in melody by Roberto Riggio on violin and Hooshmand on saz, a Middle Eastern lute with a long neck and tied on gut-string frets whose pulling atmospheric sound reinforces the Iranian love song's sense of longing. Riggio's sublime solo on "Del-e Divaaneh (Crazy Heart)" is a voyage in and of itself; and Hooshmand treks gracefully between the vocals, saz, oud (the Middle Eastern forerunner of the guitar), and gut-string guitar.'s ideal to travel in the first person, praise The Maker for giving us aural ambassadors like Kamran Hooshmand and 1001 Nights.
- David Lynch - Austin Chronicle

TRACKS: Tangeh Ghorubeh (Sunset) • Shirin Jun (Dear Shirin) • Miserlu • Los Bilbilicos (The Nightingales) • Dulab Bayyali • Tu In Zamuneh (In This Day And Age) • Dabkah • Del-e Divaaneh (Crazy Heart)

Ndere Troup • Tekwaro
"One Uganda release that never strayed from the roots is Tekwaro (Chocolate Records), which is a collection of traditional music from all over Uganda with an emphasis on music from western and southern Uganda....The result is a panoramic sound tour of Uganda without leaving the comfort of your living room. Moreover, the sweet haunting sound of the Ndere will stay with you for a long time. " -Opiyo Oloya, Afrodisc

On Tekwaro, Ndere Troupe performs expressive traditional songs representing the many varied cultures that make Uganda a microcosm of Africa. Founded in 1986, Ndere Troupe strives to conserve and promote the rich musical, choreographic, and poetic traditions of Uganda. Ndere Troupe takes its name from the word for flute, because, as an instrument found and admired around the world, it symbolizes the common threads which run through all humanity. Instruments include: enanga (zither), ndere (flute), embaire (xylophone), as well as intense singing, clapping, brass, and percussion.
TRACKS: Aferimeyamo (The Wonder of Wind) • Katemere Africana (Eulogy) • Seruganda Webale (Thank You, My Brother) • Bagyenyi (Visitors) • Ndabaho (Look Me Up) • Kunira Abagyenyi Bareire (Be Kind To Visitors Who Have Stayed Overnight) • Muyonjo Kuba Embayire (Muyonjo, Play The Xylophone) • Mwembere Mukama/Tamenhaibuga (Sing for the Lord/Don't Break the Gourd) • Agwara (Processional Trumpet Dance)

Austin Acoustic Music Festival • A World Inside...
"A World Inside..." is the exclusive compilation of the acclaimed Austin Acoustic Music Festival. A rare collection of live recordings, "A World Inside..." beautifully represents the incredible variety of spirit and creativity expressed in each and every live performance of the Austin Acoustic Music Festival. Experience a diverse world of Folk, Jazz, Persian, Brazilian, Creole, Scottish, Conjunto, Funk, Rock, Country, Celtic, West African, Blues, and styles unique to Austin's own musical community.
TRACKS: Frozen Lullabies/Michele Solberg • St. James Infirmary/Summertime/Jazz PharoahsThe Quiet/Betty Elders • Tropical Desert (vision two)/Kamran Hooshmand and 1001 Nights with Mohammad Firoozi on vocals • Valse de Parks/D'Jalma GarnierAmazing Grace/Battle of Waterloo/A Hole in the Bag/Silver Thistle Pipes and DrumsMuchacha Hermosa/Johnny Degollado y Su Conjunto • Real, Real Slow/Susan Colton • Keep It Clean/Champ Hood • First Night In Paris/Eric Blakely • Geordie/Heather • Excerpts (from Sacred Bird Dance Rhythms)/Fungaru • Lonesome Blues/Snuff Johnson

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Groupo Fantasma (cumbia)
Teye (flamenco)


• Naxi Music Orchestra • Traditional Chinese Folk (Yunan)

Batak Tribal Dance Music • (Sumatra, Indonesia)

Cokalit Balinese Ceremonial Flute Music • (Bali, Indonesia)